After 49 years in business, 2015 will be our last.  Please use the Contact Us link for details.

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High performance Versatec (VPI), Centronics, and DR11 interface products for Plotting, Printing, and high speed 16-bit I/O via Ethernet, and on PCI, Sbus, ISA/EISA, VME, MicroChannel, and other bus architectures.

Tahoma Technology produces two primary product lines: Hardcopy interfaces for Versatec (VPI) and Centronics compatible printers and plotters, and DR11-W emulators.  VPI and/or Centronics I/O is available on many high performance and high resolution printers and plotters.  Tahoma boards can deliver data at up to 2Mbytes/sec. (5Mbytes/sec. if the plotter supports Tahoma's burst mode).  The DR11-W interface was originally a DEC specified way to interface to VAX machines, but has gone on to become a widely adopted generic 16 bit interface.  Our DR11-W boards can send/receive data at up to 8Mbytes/sec, depending on model (with Tahoma's DR11 burst mode, output at up to 20Mbytes/sec. is supported by our Pci board).  Our DR11's include deep FIFO buffering, and provision for continuous data input/output.  See our Device Drivers page for driver availability, and Documentation for product manuals.

We are always open to new projects.  Please contact us with new or modified product requirements.

Full Product Line

Our newest products are the Models 10119, 10120, and 10121.  The 10119 is a raw IEEE1284 (Centronics) to VPI (Versatec differential) converter board for OEM installation inside a printer/plotter.   The 10120 is a 10119 board in an enclosure with a wall-plug power supply.  The 10121 combines a 10119 with a 10/100bT network print server in an enclosure with power supply.  The basic 10119 and the 10120 accept Centronics Compatible or ECP mode data at up to 2Mbytes/second and convert it to VPI Differential format.  They can be connected to a computer's parallel port or to a network print server such as the Axis 5400+ or SEH PS105.  The 10121 Ethernet/VPI product can sustain transfer rates of over 1Mbyte/second.  VPI control operations and mode selection in all three products are done via escape sequences in the byte stream.  Please contact us for additional information, or check the Documentation page.



As of January 1 2016, Tahoma Technology is no longer in business.

We will continue to monitor email for at least one year.

Please use the Contact Us link for information.