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After 49 years in business, 2015 will be our last.  Please use the Contact Us link for details.

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Tahoma - The Chinook jargon name for Mt. Rainier


Tahoma Technology is a new company with a 40+ year history.

The original Ikon Corporation was founded in 1966.  In its early years, Ikon Corporation designed and built minicomputer based systems and specialized peripheral equipment.  With the advent of personal work stations, Ikon Corporation found a market for high performance interface products - initially for the Multibus. The first product was a Multibus based Versatec (VPI) interface for electrostatic plotters, followed by a DR11-W emulator which allowed supporting VAX related external hardware and interprocessor links on Apollo work stations.  VPI was adopted by many printer and plotter manufacturers as the interface of choice.  The DR11 became a standard for high-speed 16 bit interfacing.  As new bus architectures came on line, these interfaces were ported to new host busses, including, among others, VersaBus, VMEbus, ISA, EISA, MicroChannel, Sbus, and Pci.  Along with the bus migration, Centronics compatibility was added to the plotter interfaces, and speeds continued to improve.  Today, the Pci plotter interface bursts data from the bus at 40MB/sec, and feeds the plotter at 4-5MB/sec.  The Pci DR11-W can sustain 20MB/sec outputs.

In 1997, Ikon Corporation was acquired by IKON Office Solutions (IOS) and became the Ikon Corporation division of IOS.

In August, 2001, the people from the original Ikon Corporation, who had continued to run Ikon Corporation as an IOS division, formed Tahoma Technology and purchased certain of the assets of Ikon Corporation.  It has been an enjoyable four years with  IOS, but we are happy and excited to be back on our own.

Tahoma Technology has acquired certain of the assets and liabilities of Ikon Corporation, including warranty support.  While the asset purchase was definitely NOT a name change (Tahoma Technology is a new entity; the Ikon Corporation name, marks, and structure remain with IOS), the impact on our customer base should be nil, beyond changing the name in the address book.  We are the same people, with the same high performance products, and the same attitude about customer support.  We look forward to continuing our 40+ year relationship with our customers under the new banner.



As of January 1 2016, Tahoma Technology is no longer in business.

We will continue to monitor email for at least one year.

Please use the Contact Us link for information.