After 49 years in business, 2015 will be our last.  Please use the Contact Us link for details.

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Hardware Documentation for the 10117 Pci Hardcopy interface, 10118 Pci DR11-W emulator, 10119 and 10120 Centronics to VPI converters, and 10121 Ethernet to VPI converter are available under hardware_manuals in our Documentation directory.  HTML, WordPerfect, PDF, and Word (for some documents) versions are available.

For hardcopy versions of these, and other manuals, and single page specification sheets, please contact us.

Software and documentation for the internal network print server used in the 10121 Ethernet/VPI Converter (similar to the Axis 5400+) can be found on the Axis website:  Software and documentation for the Axis 5400+ and SEH PS105 external print servers commonly used with the 10120 IEEE1284/VPI Converter may be found at their respective websites: and

Please note that references to Ikon Corporation found in the documentation and code are left in place for compatibility and historical reasons.  As the code and documentation has previously been placed in the public domain, this does not constitute a use of the IKON Office Solutions (IOS) marks, which are the property of IOS.  These documents and programs are maintained by Tahoma Technology.



As of January 1 2016, Tahoma Technology is no longer in business.

We will continue to monitor email for at least one year.

Please use the Contact Us link for information.