DR11-W Interfaces

After 49 years in business, 2015 will be our last.  Please use the Contact Us link for details.

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High performance DR11-W interfaces on Pci, Sbus, ISA/EISA, VME, and other bus architectures.

Tahoma's range of DR11-W boards support external data rates of up to 8Mbytes/second in normal DR11-W mode, and 20Mbytes/sec. in Tahoma's burst mode.  The 16 bit DR11-W interface has applications in interprocessor links (back to back DR11-Ws) between similar and dissimilar host computers, and as a general purpose bi-directional connection to high-performance devices.  Our boards include deep FIFO buffering, and provision for continuous data collection.  See our Device Drivers page for driver availability.  Some hardware manuals are available in html and WordPerfect format from our Documentation page.  For spec sheets, and other manuals, please contact us.

A few of our DR11-W boards are listed below.  Click on the model number for a board image and additional information.  Please see our full product line for all DR11-W interfaces.


10118        1/2 size PCI.  3.3 & 5V PCI compatible.

10116        Full Size PCI.  5V PCI compatible.

10112        ISA/EISA.

10103        Sbus.

10099        VMEbus.

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As of January 1 2016, Tahoma Technology is no longer in business.

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